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  1. a lucky generation

    Started by cederic, 25th-November-2011 08:51 PM
    201, 2011, bat, born, brilliant, computer, current, den, description, developing, era, game, generation, independent, les, lucky, share, space, thought, url, voice, year
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    • Views: 3,216
    Last Post: 25th-November-2011 08:51 PM
    by cederic  Go to last post
  2. Eye Glasses

    Started by Trouble, 3rd-February-2011 03:48 PM
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    ago, computer, due, experiences, eye, eyes, feel, fix, found, glasses, hat, lazy, long, problem, reading, star, started, tired, wearing, worse, year, your
    • Replies: 23
    • Views: 2,631
    Last Post: 4th-February-2011 04:03 PM
    by Beowulf  Go to last post

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  3. For those that enjoy dancing in their living room...

    Started by Goose, 29th-December-2010 12:27 PM
    camera, central, computer, dance, dancing, easily, enjoy, freestyles, game, homes, joy, late, line, link, living, nye, online, reason, room, sad, space, teach, ted, thing, track, work
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 2,506
    Last Post: 17th-January-2011 08:13 PM
    by Goose  Go to last post
  4. Help please with my Sony VAIO Laptop

    Started by Maxine, 13th-October-2010 09:00 AM
    advice, can’t, computer, cpu, end, fix, fortunately, lap, laptop, list, middle, offer, overheat, problems, programme, roma, roman, run, size, sony, switch, times, vaio
    • Replies: 12
    • Views: 2,344
    Last Post: 14th-October-2010 01:49 PM
    by Maxine  Go to last post
  5. Iphone Upgrade Problems

    Started by Dizzy, 4th-August-2010 01:21 PM
    16gb, computer, content, cool, forum, friend, give, hat, iphone, leaving, night, problem, problems, restore, saturday, sick, software, solid, solution, suggestions, thought, upgrade, upgrade problem, useless, ware, what, worthy
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,617
    Last Post: 20th-August-2010 11:44 AM
    by Gav  Go to last post

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  6. Computer locked up - problem with Vista

    Started by ShinyWeeStar, 24th-December-2009 10:49 AM
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    black, boot, computer, download, dvd, give, hard, important, locked, men, open, photos, problem, problems, programme, run, running, star, started, system, top, vista, want, windows, working, years
    • Replies: 23
    • Views: 3,551
    Last Post: 21st-January-2010 07:45 PM
    by Lee Bartholomew  Go to last post
  7. Change of!!!

    Started by Jay Jay, 12th-December-2009 10:49 PM
    card, cha, change, changed, computer, ears, hair, hat, ideas, left, locate, numbers, phone, phonehelp, phones, pulling, sim, taking, tears
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 1,962
    Last Post: 16th-December-2009 09:54 PM
    by Martin  Go to last post
  8. No connection

    Started by Jay Jay, 21st-November-2009 06:49 PM
    bottom, computer, con, connection, cross, desk, desktop, give, hints, icon, internet, light, problem, red, sad, shows, tan, tom, turn, what
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,147
    Last Post: 21st-November-2009 07:04 PM
    by Jay Jay  Go to last post
  9. Trojan Horse Back door Hupigon 5AANC

    Started by stewart38, 8th-November-2009 08:21 PM
    5aanc, allowed, anti, application, back, biggest, computer, door, fault, files, finished, free, guess, horse, hupigon, important, left, line, losing, lost, mail, make, messages, mins, moved, pictures, sad, trojan, word
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 2,455
    Last Post: 11th-November-2009 05:17 PM
    by dave the scaffolder  Go to last post
  10. Mac hardrive help please

    Started by Lory, 27th-September-2009 06:27 PM
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    access, age, ant, apple, blush, computer, drive, external, fingers, hard, hardrive, hours, idiot, las, link, mac, music, photos, programme, proof, read, sick, simply, stuff, videos, wan, want, what
    • Replies: 20
    • Views: 2,746
    Last Post: 28th-September-2009 05:58 PM
    by Lory  Go to last post
  11. Panic

    Started by Jay Jay, 17th-August-2009 12:33 AM
    attacked, bee, check, computer, message, panic
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,676
    Last Post: 17th-August-2009 05:25 PM
    by Beowulf  Go to last post
  12. Modem struck by lightning.

    Started by jivecat, 4th-August-2009 10:55 PM
    brother, buy, computer, connection, giving, house, ideas, internet, july, laptop, light, lightning, modem, money, phone, problem, server, signal, struck, switched, system, time, wan, want, waste, wee, what, wireless, won, work
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,634
    Last Post: 6th-August-2009 11:19 AM
    by jivecat  Go to last post
  13. PC 'repair' message - what do I do now??

    Started by Brighton Belle, 25th-June-2009 07:23 PM
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    account, art, blue, computer, confused, dell, following, hat, kind, log, message, microsoft, number, original, password, personal, point, quit, repair, run, set, star, start, system, type, what, windows, wrong
    • Replies: 38
    • Views: 4,248
    Last Post: 31st-July-2009 03:06 PM
    by Miguel  Go to last post
  14. PC game - problem of black band on screen

    Started by ShinyWeeStar, 1st-July-2009 05:33 PM
    band, black, bottom, computer, game, hope, hospital, inch, make, move, pas, problem, problems, rather, read, rid, run, running, screen, suggestions, top, useless, week, wide, windows, work, working, years
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 2,523
    Last Post: 6th-July-2009 03:13 PM
    by ShinyWeeStar  Go to last post
  15. STILL can't get video on Facebook!!!!

    Started by Jivejunkie, 30th-April-2009 07:08 PM
    better, big, bit, card, computer, dinosaur, doh, download, facebook, fashion, give, graphics, great, internet, player, problem, programme, project, similar, spend, thought, type, video, videos, wan, want, windows
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 2,060
    Last Post: 30th-April-2009 07:41 PM
    by DavidY  Go to last post
  16. Hacking

    Started by Minnie M, 19th-April-2009 09:19 AM
    air, broadband, computer, computers, explained, flower, hack, hacking, hat, info, internet, personal, properly, size, ter, your
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 2,366
    Last Post: 20th-April-2009 02:57 PM
    by Dreadful Scathe  Go to last post
  17. Help with building a computer

    Started by Jivejunkie, 7th-April-2009 02:17 PM
    ant, art, boot, building, computer, finally, hard, knowledge, message, mind, people, point, remember, set, star, start, stuff, suggestions, switched, system, taking, thought, version, what, windows, won, working
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 2,660
    Last Post: 10th-April-2009 09:16 PM
    by Dreadful Scathe  Go to last post
  18. Adding a graphics card for two monitors - how hard ?

    Started by johnthehappyguy, 10th-December-2008 06:51 PM
    adding, advice, buy, card, cards, computer, crt, ebay, graphics, hard, home, internet, local, looking, monitor, monitors, nice, open, spare, thing, time, type, vista, want, white, windows, word
    • Replies: 15
    • Views: 3,214
    Last Post: 13th-December-2008 10:14 PM
    by TheTramp  Go to last post
  19. Phone call from Microsoft, now not sure what to do.

    Started by Ellen H, 9th-December-2008 02:03 PM
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    advice, back, call, computer, following, free, give, list, message, microsoft, people, phone, problem, programme, ratio, ringing, run, running, slow, star, start, thing, tunes, type, want, what, windows, years
    • Replies: 32
    • Views: 5,899
    Last Post: 10th-December-2008 05:08 PM
    by martingold  Go to last post
  20. DO I need to change my bios for a CD Rewriter?

    Started by Jivejunkie, 1st-December-2008 03:38 PM
    2 Pages
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    accept, bee, bios, cha, change, computer, confused, doh, form, geeks, hat, load, media, player, playing, put, record, rewriter, talking, tape, told, transfer, type, wan, want, what, windows
    • Replies: 22
    • Views: 3,696
    Last Post: 4th-December-2008 02:43 PM
    by Lee Bartholomew  Go to last post
  21. Christmas present ideas?

    Started by Cruella, 23rd-November-2008 09:34 PM
    3 Pages
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    asked, chris, christmas, computer, feet, graphics, hat, hunting, ideas, job, people, photoshop, present, presents, price, put, save, similar, son, suggestion, table, thought, thread, time, told
    • Replies: 46
    • Views: 6,815
    Last Post: 4th-December-2008 02:21 PM
    by Astro  Go to last post

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  22. Someone has stolen my "Safely Remove Hardware" icon.

    Started by Easily Led, 27th-November-2008 10:05 PM
    anticipation, back, bar, bottom, computer, confused, dance, geek, hand, home, icon, king, memory, ole, quot, remove, rude, safely, safely remove hardware, stick, stolen, tom, wink, world
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,550
    Last Post: 28th-November-2008 02:53 PM
    by Robin  Go to last post
  23. Calling all computer geeks!

    Started by batnurse, 15th-October-2008 04:51 PM
    bbc, biggest, calling, computer, computers, geek, geeks, lol, magazine, news, quiz, set, url
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 982
    Last Post: 15th-October-2008 05:29 PM
    by Magic Hans  Go to last post
  24. If I Ain't broke don't Fix It!

    Started by Heather, 16th-January-2002 08:16 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    age, birth, challenge, class, computer, dancing, date, discussion, easy, forum, franck, god, history, hope, lady, life, par, part, people, rather, regis, simple, supposed, swing, things, what, wrong, your
    • Replies: 25
    • Views: 3,659
    Last Post: 11th-October-2008 07:50 AM
    by Lee Bartholomew  Go to last post

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  25. Word Perfect Helpline

    Started by philsmove, 8th-September-2008 05:16 PM
    back, bad, coming, computer, disappeared, find, great, helpline, ice, light, long, men, move, perfect, promo, story, stuff, system, time, too, trouble, true, turn, type, what, won, word, your
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,195
    Last Post: 8th-September-2008 05:16 PM
    by philsmove  Go to last post
  26. 2004 HYUNDAI COUPE 2.0 SE Special Edition

    Started by Classified Adverts, 22nd-August-2008 12:40 AM
    2009, air, computer, cover, dai, fro, head, history, interior, land, miles, mirrors, power, radio, roof, sale, service, special, sun, support, til, windows, www, yellow
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 735
    Last Post: 23rd-August-2008 02:04 PM
    by Cruella  Go to last post

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  27. Is she better than Beowulf?

    Started by JiveLad, 21st-August-2008 09:41 AM
    beowulf, bet, better, compare, computer, end, games, hat, hey, line, news, popcorn, question, show, step, tech, technique, technology, ter, url, video, web, wes, woman, world
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 1,699
    Last Post: 22nd-August-2008 02:45 AM
    by ~*~Saligal~*~  Go to last post
  28. backup ipod to computer

    Started by Amir, 5th-August-2008 12:41 PM
    advice, art, backup, bee, computer, database, end, ends, files, fine, hours, how to, info, ipod, itunes, metadata, missing, mp3, rating, songs, spent, star, start, tags, wan, want, wav
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 1,906
    Last Post: 6th-August-2008 01:00 AM
    by ducasi  Go to last post
  29. More email scams

    Started by Sheepman, 15th-July-2008 05:24 PM
    1st, address, computer, easy, email, end, find, firm, hat, july, latest, pas, pri, print, reporting, risk, scams, scrapped, service, similar, spam, thought, tracking, ups, voice
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,357
    Last Post: 16th-July-2008 10:00 AM
    by Dreadful Scathe  Go to last post

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  30. 1,008 hours

    Started by Barry Shnikov, 12th-June-2008 07:53 PM
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    bank, computer, dan, david, days, family, feel, give, hard, held, hours, house, issues, lines, make, phone, rather, risk, rules, simple, thing, time, today, turn, want, weekend, weeks, what, work
    • Replies: 45
    • Views: 5,139
    Last Post: 17th-June-2008 03:31 PM
    by Barry Shnikov  Go to last post

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  31. should immoral be illegal ?

    Started by Dreadful Scathe, 19th-May-2008 12:51 PM
    2008, analysis, computer, death, desperate, eve, facebook, girl, ice, illegal, immoral, lawyers, led, people, police, question, rather, real, sell, set, software, ted, today, what, year
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,208
    Last Post: 19th-May-2008 02:06 PM
    by Barry Shnikov  Go to last post

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  32. PC errors- best software fix

    Started by mick s, 21st-April-2008 05:10 PM
    300, bit, computer, diagnostic, errors, fine, fix, free, lap, laptop, ned, offering, package, programs, recommend, run, service, slow, software, ware, wondered, works
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 2,009
    Last Post: 5th-May-2008 06:28 PM
    by Brian Doolan  Go to last post
  33. Which MP3 Player?

    Started by Georgious dancer, 31st-March-2008 08:40 AM
    big, bit, bra, brand, buying, click, comparison, computer, delete, found, gym, heavy, hen, ipod, latest, mp3, player, rather, rating, size, small, straight, suggestions, tracks, what, wheel, works
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 2,019
    Last Post: 8th-April-2008 02:18 PM
    by knightengale  Go to last post
  34. Baby Ipod Orphaned

    Started by Amir, 19th-March-2008 12:56 AM
    baby, bouncy, buy, computer, dancing, fine, friend, fun, geeks, george, guys, hat, hunter, ipod, itunes, jango, mini, orphaned, screen, show, stuff, thought, times, tips, update
    • Replies: 17
    • Views: 3,611
    Last Post: 26th-March-2008 12:32 AM
    by ducasi  Go to last post
  35. PDF files to jpeg???

    Started by Tiger Feet, 20th-February-2008 08:57 PM
    area, blush, computer, convert, days, files, hey, jpeg, las, pdf, photos, spent, stupid, wan, want
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 1,886
    Last Post: 21st-February-2008 10:01 PM
    by RedFox  Go to last post
  36. Apple Mac tips please!

    Started by Ste, 12th-October-2007 08:07 PM
    apple, build, bull, computer, con, download, friends, give, giving, hat, house, industry, internet, jokes, load, mac, men, options, round, templates, thread, tips, website, what, won, work, your
    • Replies: 19
    • Views: 2,839
    Last Post: 16th-November-2007 05:08 PM
    by Stuart  Go to last post
  37. Amazing. Unmissable.

    Started by Barry Shnikov, 3rd-November-2007 06:09 PM
    amazing, artist, beginning, chi, computer, deal, find, great, html, jonathan, mind, open, php, pictures, screen, site, ted, things, unmissable, video, view, wan, want, watching, work, www
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 2,126
    Last Post: 5th-November-2007 12:04 PM
    by Barry Shnikov  Go to last post

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  38. Is it the modem or the computer???

    Started by Ste, 14th-October-2007 11:46 PM
    ache, annoying, ant, computer, connection, find, guess, important, internet, las, lost, men, modem, night, opera, photos, quick, read, slow, system, thought, too, ups, upstairs, website, weird, windows
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,585
    Last Post: 15th-October-2007 12:18 PM
    by Dreadful Scathe  Go to last post
  39. Is Norton taking over

    Started by Martin, 27th-September-2007 05:36 AM
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    asked, blah, buy, compact, computer, computers, con, delete, hard, hat, hey, lap, laptop, light, looking, music, norton, real, site, software, store, taking, today, totally, ware, web
    • Replies: 33
    • Views: 4,999
    Last Post: 4th-October-2007 05:37 AM
    by Caro  Go to last post
  40. Yet another Apple question! This time the i Book computer

    Started by Ste, 30th-September-2007 07:02 PM
    apple, asked, book, click, completely, computer, download, files, hen, load, los, lost, mac, open, program, publishing, question, split, things, time, wan, want, what, work
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 1,969
    Last Post: 2nd-October-2007 07:48 PM
    by Trousers  Go to last post

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  41. Moral Dilemma

    Started by under par, 24th-August-2007 12:07 AM
    3 Pages
    1 2 3
    back, bbc, book, charge, coming, computer, connection, dilemma, gentleman, ice, internet, laptop, light, london, man, moral, news, person, real, spot, suggestions, taking, thing, walking, west, wireless, world, your
    • Replies: 44
    • Views: 4,549
    Last Post: 27th-August-2007 11:26 AM
    by bigdjiver  Go to last post

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  42. 2004 HYUNDAI COUPE 2.0 SE Special Edition

    Started by Classified Adverts, 24th-August-2007 03:30 PM
    2009, air, computer, cover, dai, data, fro, head, history, interior, land, miles, mirrors, power, radio, roof, sale, service, special, sun, til, windows, www, yellow
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 733
    Last Post: 24th-August-2007 03:30 PM
    by Classified Adverts  Go to last post

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  43. Message compacting

    Started by Swinging bee, 22nd-August-2007 03:55 PM
    annoying, answer, bloody, compact, compacting, computer, disk, express, latest, message, messages, outlook, pop, program, save, space, time, version, wan, want, win
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,075
    Last Post: 22nd-August-2007 04:48 PM
    by Dreadful Scathe  Go to last post
  44. USB Device Not Recognized

    Started by Freddie_C, 15th-August-2007 12:55 PM
    assume, attached, basic, computer, day, device, devices, fine, forums, hat, ipod, message, model, mouse, por, ports, problem, received, recognized, stick, usb, whats, windows, work, works, wrong
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 1,833
    Last Post: 15th-August-2007 04:38 PM
    by ducasi  Go to last post
  45. Computer Simulation of Dance

    Started by EricD, 5th-August-2007 05:03 PM
    beginners, beowulf, better, computer, corner, dance, dancing, forum, ideas, job, list, modern, moment, people, posts, simulation, software, song, spot, star, starts, step, taking, thread, threads, time, world
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,788
    Last Post: 7th-August-2007 09:58 PM
    by Miguel  Go to last post
  46. Help napster doesnt like me!!

    Started by jiveaddicted, 28th-July-2007 02:07 PM
    account, box, cable, cha, change, coming, computer, corner, formation, hat, information, message, modem, napster, phone, problems, program, server, set, settings, sick, sign, spelling, usb, what, won
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,203
    Last Post: 29th-July-2007 06:08 PM
    by ducasi  Go to last post
  47. QuickTime Having a Fit

    Started by Jamie, 12th-July-2007 04:54 PM
    apple, computer, drive, file, fine, fit, flash, format, fresh, happening, hat, idea, mad, picture, play, pro, products, quick, quicktime, sound, technical, ted, term, usb, win
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,599
    Last Post: 16th-July-2007 05:20 PM
    by Jamie  Go to last post
  48. iTunes 7.3 HELP!

    Started by DJ Andy, 10th-July-2007 02:48 PM
    burn, burner, cds, computer, found, hat, installed, ipod, itunes, message, problems, program, ready, software, sync, ware, works
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,472
    Last Post: 12th-July-2007 11:14 PM
    by DJ Andy  Go to last post
  49. Our Costumes:A request for photos/videos!

    Started by under par, 6th-June-2007 06:24 PM
    address, album, camera, children, computer, costumesa, crash, dear, dvd, eve, events, forum, give, grand, las, lost, mail, par, photos, photos or videos, request, rockbottoms, show, southport, video, videos, years
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 1,127
    Last Post: 8th-June-2007 12:00 PM
    by Lee Bartholomew  Go to last post
  50. reactometer

    Started by bigdjiver, 25th-May-2007 11:54 AM
    air, art, better, button, clip, computer, dance, end, feedback, give, history, ideas, made, music, opera, pas, point, rating, reactometer, request, respond, roll, simple, sports, stop, til, what, youtube
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,712
    Last Post: 25th-May-2007 11:04 PM
    by bigdjiver  Go to last post
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