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Certain guys I don't enjoy dancing with much do that to me every time - are you trying to put everyone off dancing with you Mr G?
They must be very good leads (or very strong leads ) - I can only do it (would only do it) with one or two followers and it only works every so often when I get the timeing perfect.
Once a follower starts in the octopus, only some very good followers will actually let themselves be led into the step back (or not as the case may be)

Wrong. Most beginners classes I've ever been to have demonstrated, and often explicitly taught, that both lead and follow have to get out of each other's way.
That's what I said - it's taught that way... but most beginners don't actually do it that way.
It's like transferring your weight to the back foot on the step back of a first move - it's taught, but I only see one or two people actually doing it (in both beginner and intermediate classes)
:shrug: maybe people don't understand the concepts "Transfer your weight" or "get out the way" (Why get out the way when I can lead them round me? Why transfer weight when I can do it from here?...Lazy?)