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Thread: Poll - age of Ceroc Goers

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    Re: Poll - age of Ceroc Goers

    Quote Originally Posted by jivecat View Post
    Anyway, why do you find the thought of someone mature and not conventionally attractive having successful sex so disturbing? Are you planning to die before you get old? Or just take a vow of chastity on your 40th birthday?

    I agree with Bubble - diversity is best.

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    Re: Poll - age of Ceroc Goers

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Ceroc also seems to attract quite a few young women who prefer older men and indeed quite a few older women who prefer younger men (and vice versa) so a mix of ages probably keeps everyone happy
    Quote Originally Posted by philsmove View Post
    One of the things I absolutely love about Ceroc is no one seems to care about your age
    Quite - one of the best things about MJ for me is the opportunity to meet older men on equal terms!

    I met my boyfriend while jiving, and he's twice my age (I'm 26). I can't imagine how he would have found an excuse to get to know me outside of a place where people don't care about age.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bells View Post

    I agree with Bubble - diversity is best.
    Also agreed

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