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Although I know what you mean, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who just makes it up as he goes in Blues.
Isn't that the point? (Or have I been dancing blues all wrong all this time?)
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Here's a definition of a Clave, and how it relates to Latin dances. Or what I'd call Latin dances anyway.
Clave is a rhythmic pattern or timeline which has its roots in West African music and was developed in Cuba. ... essentially all Afro-Cuban music of Yoruban descent (including Cuban popular music such as salsa) is based around the clave rhythm.
Oh, interesting - didn't know about the Yoruban descent. I didn't get to hear much music when I was in Nigeria (plus I didn't get to the south, its a big place). Though when I was in Ghana we did get to hang out with an 'ethnomusicologist' a few times and he took us to hear a range of performance and community music.