The love shared by woman and man
Miracle that I don't understand
In this world of shifting sands
You'll know I love you

I know, now, we will never meet
As I leave this world, its at your feet
I'm here if you should ever need
To know I love you

If you're like me, you'll wonder why
No answers however hard you try
And if you feel you need to cry
Just know I love you

And so the fates have made there choice
Though we'll never meet you'll know my voice
So in your father's love rejoice
Because I love you

I'm not there to watch you grow
Something you should know
I am with you
When you're feeling low
You're not alone
We'll face the issue

Feel no pain, feel no shame
Take no blame, feel no shame you have a mum
Who does the best she can
I was taken out the plan
You need to be the man
Rise up: make your stand

Its nice to be nice
Good to be good
Do the right thing you should
Support the weak
Split the genuine from the fakes
Though you'll make mistakes
Learn you're lessons


Laugh, and the world laughs with you
But cry, and you cry alone...

For your Mum, there'll come a time
She will need love to
So you be strong
He isn't me, thats fine
Don't stop being you
But get along