Just wondering if anyone out there knows what the signal is for First Move KJ. Really love the way this move looks but also how do you get round the problem of executing this move neatly with falling over flat on yer face? Ladies ? lol. The problem seems to be that once I've stepped out of the first move and turned anticlockwise into my dance partner's arms, its where to stand so that he can then lean to the right, dropping me down that right side. He feels that he has no safe hold over me and I'm not sure what I can do to ensure I don't fall over and off that line, apart from keeping my body plank-like. It doesn't seem to be working - any suggestions out there?

Also I can't seem to get that roll in somersault going either. The momentum stops half way once I hit his shoulder, leaving me looking like a stranded possum, stuck upside down before we both collapse in a heap on the floor
Help pleeaaase