Right! Myself and NewKid spent a very enjoyable evening at the Globe on Saturday, seeing a production of 'The Storm' by Peter Oswald, an adaptation of a play by Plautus. We didn't know what to expect, but *puts on bad Northern accent* it were GREAT! *removes accent*

It's only on for 20 performances, and is going to sink without trace because if it's not Shakespeare, it doesn't get audiences.

But we were both struck by how many of our fellow forumites would enjoy it- it's very silly, very cheeky, and very funny.

So we want to organise a Forumite theatre trip to see it- it's only a fiver (that's CHEAPER THAN A CEROC NIGHT) for a Groundling ticket, and a big bunch of us front and centre in the Pit would be a very good thing for the purposes of the play. And you can bring your own drinks into the venue (and snacks...).

The two proposed dates are the ones I and NewKid can make. Which one are folk up for (for the record if there's an even split of a reasonable number of folk wanting to go, I'd happily see it twice).

Go on- give it a go!