Inspired by the Room 101 thread...

I'll start you off:
1. Archie Spin:
Why? Because, despite all my efforts, trying to lead a woman by placing her palm up in the Official Manner, then twisting, it just didn't work for me, ever, in the class and especially in freestyle. It's awkward, it could be dangerous with the arm-twisting and speed involved, and it just can't be done in the approved manner.

It should be consigned to the seventh level of hell from whence it came.

The Rules:
First Rule: Only 1 move allowed to be hated at a time.
Second Rule: Give a good reason (no "because it's naff / pants / tacky" allowed, that's just your opinion, others may disagree)
Third Rule: You DO NOT talk about the Moves-from-Hell club.
OK, that last one's more of a guideline than yer actual rule...

Anyone else?