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Thread: Modern Jive Hall of Fame

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    Re: Modern Jive Hall of Fame

    Quote Originally Posted by Lou View Post
    My point was that it's extraordinarily rare to find someone within the Collective™ who was acknowledging that there is another world out there....
    Yes but I would also guess that Mick is sufficiently well established in the Collective (can't do those fancy tm things ) to feel he doesn't have to toe the party line (which assumes that there is a party line on this and there probably isn't)

    I was impressed by the Ceroc teacher who gave the upcoming Southport a plug (of sorts) from the stage at their event recently - not everyone's a bolitician it seems.

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    Re: Modern Jive Hall of Fame

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Bartholomew View Post
    Cant find the link now but didn't he used to be a ceroc teacher?
    I believe I posted a wayback machine link to a listing of Ceroc teachers, and Nigel was not on it.

    I also believe I posted that seeing N&N's "I'm just a baby" routine at the Le Jive championships was a life changing moment for me. (I have yet to persuade a lady to put her thumb in her mouth and pay homage to "baby in arms" move. )

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    Re: Modern Jive Hall of Fame

    The last few posts on this thread make interesting reading now...

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