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Thread: multiple email notifications

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    Re: multiple email notifications

    Originally posted by Emma
    I seem to be getting multiple email notifications for some threads...instead of the normal one and then no more until you've checked the board.

    Franck..any clues??
    Hi Emma,

    Sorry I took so long to get back to you... :sorry

    The email notification system is a bit complex, and in my view not ideal.

    Basically, you had the email notification activated, and as soon as you contributed to a thread, it would notify you when a reply appeared. In theory, it will only notify you once though (even if 50 posts are made to that thread) to avoid jamming your inbox
    The problem arises when you subscribe to a thread!

    I have now de-activated this option for you, so you should not get all these emails... To make sure this works, you will need to go to your User cp, and click on "view all subscribed threads", there you will get the option to unsubscribe all threads.
    This will wipe the slate clean, and you can then subscribe again to any thread you are interested in...

    I hope this helps,


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    Oh I seeeee...Thanks Franck!

    Good night at Hammersmith??

    -just had to try that one out!!

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    Great isn't it ?!!!!!

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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