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Thread: WCS and Modern Jive

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    WCS and Modern Jive

    We've been running a WCS class (as part of our MJ club nights) in a small way ... and now I'm not quite sure how to take it forward. As a first point I was curious as to what is the perception of WCS within a Modern Jive framework. Is it a compataible style, maybe symbiotic, or does it need to be separated from an MJ environment to allow it to flourish?

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    Re: WCS and Modern Jive

    Interesting post Gus, but the way I see WCS and have only been doing it a month is that there are so broad similarities with MJ and it is possible to dance it to much of the same music that you get at MJ nights so why seperate it. I think it's wonderful that you are giving people the opportunity to learn a different style of dance at your nights and am sure those attending will pick up on different style points and shall hopefully take the elements of this that they like into their MJ.

    The little that I have learned has already led me to analyse and think more about my lead in MJ and hopefully it shall improve me.

    I think that if you were to seperate from MJ in the north west it may struggle to flourish as there may be a bit of trouble attracting the numbers to it in order to make it successful, which could in turn lead to it falling by the wayside which would be a terrible shame as it is a beautiful dance.

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    Re: WCS and Modern Jive

    I think it's a brilliant idea incorporating it alongside MJ as WCS instills good lead/follow technique, and sensible floorcraft (the slot!), as well as lots of cool moves that can be incorporated into MJ. Added to which I think WCS is the funkiest, coolest dance style around at the moment. In the one sense it's very disciplined and in another sense it allows so much freedom with the music.

    I guess you can tell I am a big fan - just wish I could do it! But spread the word I say.


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