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Thread: X Rated Teachers

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    Re: Re: Mis-leading drops

    Originally posted by Graham
    I think that the responsibility for following a signal into a drop has to be at least shared - unless the lady can guarantee that she knows every single signal in modern jive, and the signal she has just seen couldn't possibly be anything else (a similar signal meaning something else, a corruption of a different signal, an accidental movement, or the guy scratching himself) then she would be foolhardy to launch herself. In this event, the worst that could happen is that the guy asks why she didn't do the drop as signalled.
    This is one of the assumptions that I have spent the last few years trying to dispel.
    No drops or air moves should be done following a signal, women should not go "down" following a signal, and men should not expect them to! :reallymad
    Any drop or dip, should be led by the man, ie women should feel an active pull (or push) downwards. Of course there are signals, and these do help in preparing the move, but alone, they should never be sufficient to do the move.


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    Re: Re: Re: Mis-leading drops

    Originally posted by Franck


    You're back again - where you been hiding?

    Any chance of a dance on Saturday and/or Sunday?

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