Here is the "Who's Going Where?" thread for the weekend of 2nd/3rd/4th September 2011.

How it works:
  1. Suggest events you personally are interested in attending, in the form "Day - Event - Location".
    For example: "Sat - Perth Freestyle (Ceroc Scotland) - The Hangar, Perth"
  2. The moderators will put these suggestions into a poll - usually around Tuesday.
    Note: The poll may include extra options without event details (usually called "Spare", "Space" etc.) which allow the mods to add events in order after the poll is created - but only if no-one's voted on them. So, please don't vote on them.
  3. People vote, we can all see who's going where, and the indecisive amongst us can decide where to dance.

Note: no advertising: The forum rules about advertising apply - these polls are not meant to allow organisers / crew / friends to advertise events. The moderators will remove any such posts.