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Thread: Finding threads involving certain users

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    Finding threads involving certain users

    Is there a search tool for finding threads that more than one specified user have been involved in?
    To make this a lot more challenging, I would have no idea of when the threads were written or of any keywords in the title, lol!!

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    Re: Finding threads involving certain users

    I don't know of a way to search for threads containing multiple user names within the Forum search (although I'm no expert and it's possible that new features have been added since the upgrade).

    You can search for threads containing posts by one user using the Advanced Search, and for any given thread you can see who posted (on Forums which list threads, or on a search that returns a list of threads, click on "Replies" link next to the number of posts in each thread and a pop-up will show a list of who posted and how many times.

    So you could search for one person's threads and see if the other person posted on each thread. Not very quick though.

    Or you could try Google...
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