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Thread: Recruitment Agencies - a force for Good or Evil Incarnate?

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    Recruitment Agencies - a force for Good or Evil Incarnate?

    I used to think that the Accountancy agencies were poor .... then I became an IT contractor I couldn't believe the ineptitude, lack of manners/knowledge and bare faced cheek of the agencies I dealt with. For them to continue to exist they must be doing something right ... but what? Or ... have I just had a poor choice of agencies?

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    Re: Recruitment Agencies - a force for Good or Evil Incarnate?

    I've used several over the years. The bigger, generalist ones for office work varied alot, some were OK, some were awful. Then I specialised in doing DTP in the banking sector, and there was only one agency worth using, and they were absolutely fantastic. Had several jobs through them, even when there weren't any out there apparently. But they were small and quite specialised, so don't know if that made any difference.

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    Re: Recruitment Agencies - a force for Good or Evil Incarnate?

    On a typical job hunt I'll have interactions with 20 or more agencies. (I'm picky, I wait for the right job).

    Typically you'll get 3-4 ok ones, 1-2 good ones and the rest are immoral incompetent greedy corrupt malicious bloodsuckers.

    I've missed out on a job I really wanted this year because the agency was being greedy and trying to improve its own cut instead of putting me forward for the role; it meant my application reached the company late despite me applying within the time boundaries.

    Not happy.

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