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Thread: Demo-ing

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    Re: Demo-ing

    Quote Originally Posted by Trouble View Post
    Caz - it sounds to me that somebody is blaming it on somebody else because they dont want to tell you the truth and whatever that may be.

    Maybe you dont fit the mould of young and glamarous but who does these days.....but i'll tell you one thing I have not seen legs like yours in a long time and you got an ass to die for so feck the lot of em.

    Oh and your a fantastic dancer xxx
    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    I think we need photographic proof.
    Quote Originally Posted by CheesyRobMan View Post
    Thanks Trouble

    and David and CheesyRobMan


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    Re: Demo-ing

    I think for me, how I pick a demo is down to the following ingredients. In order of personal priority

    1. Someone who I dance well with and fell comfortable with

    2. Someone who knows the moves without too much effort from me pushing them into positions etc. ( i have enough trouble remembering what to do myself without thinking for someone else!!)

    3. smiley, happy and approachable for my punters

    4. not scared of making a quip or two where required.

    5. not looking like a big issue seller (eg nicely dressed)

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    Re: Demo-ing

    Quote Originally Posted by CheesyRobMan View Post
    IMHO, then, a demo should:

    *Be a good dancer. Ideally should be able to lead and follow well, and must be able to pick up moves quickly from either side.
    *Smile on stage and turn up looking smart or at least not like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards.
    *Not talk on stage unless making a quick comment to the teacher about something - I've seen demos try to organise the rotation, explain moves, start/stop the music and so on without being asked, which is not what they're there for.
    *Probably be a taxi dancer, since they will hopefully be a good dancer already, and people will recognise them as such.
    *Be happy demoing. Nothing worse than being put up on stage in front of people and not being comfortable with what you're doing.

    FWIW, Caz, if I was teaching I'd have no problems at all with you demoing for me
    To Caz being a demo too.

    OK so the highlit sections are why I am not a demo then. Particularly the blue section


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    Re: Demo-ing

    Quote Originally Posted by jim View Post
    Good teachers are often intentionally entertaining. A good demo may become part of a comedy double act. And their part may be the sidekick.
    They don't necessarily need to be a double act.

    Demo's can be funny and make the class much more interesting/memorable all on their own.

    Though it probably makes the most difference with a smaller class / if taught in a circle.

    On a distant stage the possibilities of the role may be more limited.

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