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Thread: My Ceroc Birthday

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    My Ceroc Birthday

    It probably doesn't count as I have been overseas for a while (though still MJ of sorts every week).

    But I had my first Ceroc class 18 years ago yesterday. (Only realised today).

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    Re: My Ceroc Birthday

    My first MJ class was in January 1995 (Graham LeClerc - Le Roc) - my first Ceroc class was Steve Nash when he worked for Virginia in Croydon about 6 months later.

    My last Ceroc class was at a dance weekend last year. Only help out at MJ/Ceroc classes these days, as the rare extra lady or as a lead.

    Most experienced MJ/Ceroc dancers have moved on to 'other' dances, like WCS, Lindy, Salsa, Tango etc., and happy to take classes in these new areas

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