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Thread: Replacement suede sole recommendations

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    Replacement suede sole recommendations

    Anyone got any recommendations for suede soles, which stay fluffy suede?

    The suede soles which come with my Seksi cuban's is perfect; the suede remains fluffy -- a wire brush always picks up the fluff after a night of dancing... this is just how I like it as it provides enough grip for control when I need to be planted, and they remain slippery enough to pivot and spin.

    I've since replaced the soles twice and the suede's never been nearly as good as the original, - they've just turned to normal leather quite quickly and the condition remain irreversible.

    The first time I replaced them with Supadance soles, - the second time I replaced them with some random suede soles from my local Timson's shoemenders.

    I've contacted Seksi UK to ask where they I could purchase replacement soles exactly like the ones which came with the shoe and they haven't got a clue (I suspect they just import and buy them in, maybe?).

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    Re: Replacement suede sole recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil_dB View Post
    Anyone got any recommendations for suede soles, which stay fluffy suede?
    Felix dancewear do suede soles and I've had quite a few fitted by cobblers over the years. They've always been fine - although it does work out quite expensive once you've paid for the soles and then paid for someone to fix them on your shoes.

    One of our young dancers found a suede jacket in a charity shop and glued the suede to an old pair of trainers - he said they were fabulous.

    The other thing I've found useful to bring back the fluff is to warm and slightly moisten my suede sole in the steam from a kettle and then brush them with a wire brush.

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