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Thread: Staying up all night

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    Staying up all night

    Apparently there's some sort of cricket match going on in another time zone at the moment, and the BBC website has some tips on how to stay awake through the night.

    I thought it may be of interest to folk going to Camber this weekend.

    Here are some tips from the article:
    • Take a 15-minute nap some time around 2am and again after 4am
    • Immediately before the nap have a coffee or other caffeinated drink
    • It will kick in just after the nap finishes
    • Avoid naps longer than 15 minutes - deeper sleep is harder to awake from
    • Keep mentally stimulated during periods of dull play by talking to friends
    • Avoid heavy meals, sugary drinks and alcohol
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    Re: Staying up all night

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidY View Post

    • Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol

    Well that's just daft

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