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Thread: Choosing between AT and WCS

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    Re: Choosing between AT and WCS

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Jack View Post
    Thanks Ruby . How do you find the general level of AT at the MJ weekenders - as compared to Tango only events ?
    Aye Aye Captain ....what is nice is that there are many more MJs doing tango now. There is usually a two to three hour milonga at Weekenders, I have experienced Southport with J&R and they seemed to attracted more tangueros from the MJ world to come out to play. I have enjoyed the Tango at the events in Southport, it is a time out from jiving, it is friendly, and the music is good, I am still only a beginner at tango so to comment on the standard of lead would not be fair, I have had some lovely tandas.The people who organise the tango element at the weekenders have worked hard to build it up and provide the type of music that might fit in with the MJ ear, but also for me there was a fair amount of the traditional in there too.

    The weekender is essentially a MJ weekend and there are many people who try it out as a taster to see if they like it. I think that the more people who come to tango from another dance style is good for the friendliness at the venues as most MJ folk are willing to dance with all levels of dancer.

    Personally for tango I prefer a tango only weekend. The whole focus is on all the elements of the dance, musicality, technique, connection, embrace just everything under one store. So purely in the pursuit of tango I prefer the likes of the Mango, Eton, Taboe and hopefully next year I plan to experience many more.
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