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    Re: Teachers Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by straycat View Post
    "Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent."
    In other words - if you want perfection, practice the right things.
    On reading this I was reminded of this last night - and the attractive thing.

    We had an attractive lady come to our class. She said she wouldn't bother to do the beginners lesson because she could already dance. She said she'd had 10 lessons at classes near ours. Her teachers had obviously told her she is fabulous.

    I had a dance with her, she had no frame at all, no tone, no timing, no nuthin' - just looks. And she fell over her own feet when she stepped forward. I pointed out that the reason she was falling over her own feet was that she broke the frame, overturned and stepped her right behind her left before stepping forward and tripping over her left foot. She said "I'd noticed I was tripping up a lot!". I'm very proud of myself - I didn't criticise the people who taught her to dance.

    This lady was completely open to instruction. I entirely blame her current teachers for the easily fixed faults with her dancing. I know who her teachers are and they wouldn't even know what a frame is, or what the footwork is in MJ. But I didn't criticise her teachers at all - however, I have bitten my tongue so hard it will be sore for a week!
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