Does anyone have a link to a straightforward description of configuring security between a FreeNas server (or maybe Samba) and a windows 7 client? I can't use Windows 7 properties of a folder to set permissions on shares and folders hosted on FreeNAS. For example I want to be able to set up a folder that I can write to but not delete the folder - for use as backup that I can't delete automatically - whereas all other folders I want read/write/execute/delete control over. I have used chown on the FreeNAS but it is tricky for me and I use it as a blunt instrument as I'm not a Linux/Unix person. I would rather set up permissions thorugh a GUI. The FreeNAS documentation I have found is terse and patchy.

Also is it possible to set this up so if I want to delete a "FreeNAS" folder from windows that I can be prompted in a kind of "Do you really want to do this?" kind of way - what UAC(?) does for applications on Windows 7.

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