Just when you thought that the UK Media takes themselves too seriously, UKPress are launching the "Pressies".
Categories open for nominations include:

  • The My Lens is Bigger than Your Lens Award,for Press Photo of the Year
  • The More Spin than a Doctor Award, for Most Influential PR Person
  • The Tw*t Award, for Best Use of Social Media
  • The Freddie Star Ate My Hamster Award, for Most Memorable Headline
  • The Hitler Diaries Award, for Dodgiest Media Story
  • The Gerald Ratner Foot in Mouth Award, for Most Regrettable Public Utterance
  • The Armageddon in 45 Minutes Award, for Most Outrageous Attempt to Influence the Media
  • The Unique Leading Leveraged Solution Award, for the Direst Press Release
  • The Joan of Arc Award, for the Media Personality We’d All Most Like to Shoot Down in Flames

OK, so it's another self-serving awards evening where self-elected members of a particular industry eat and drink too much and bitch about each other, but I like their award category names.