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Thread: Ceroc Champs Double Trouble Named Track

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    Re: Ceroc Champs Double Trouble Named Track

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Bartholomew View Post

    I suck at double trouble.
    and to prove that I suck here is a clip from 3 odd years ago and poss one of the last times I ever done Double Trouble MJ

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    Re: Ceroc Champs Double Trouble Named Track

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Bartholomew View Post
    Lol so was I.

    I suck at double trouble.
    I think Lee exemplified the freestyle and leading two follows part of the dance with lots of innovative moves. Winning against some very good and experienced competition that year.

    To cope we a complete lack of competation experience the team I had created some clever choreography dancing with suitcases for fun. Obviously this showed as choreography. From there I have tried hard for 100% freestyle and Kathleen makes it delightful being the perfect double trouble partner. I have been blessed with five different outstanding partners all of which have gone on to gain gold in other catagories or competitions and had some great fun and amazing photos. I will miss it this year.

    DD+ and team scared the life out of us two years ago when we watched them practising. They have some complex and creative moves of which I have only been able to steal a few

    Maybe the idea of the named track will encourage more people to enter as one unknown is elimated.


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