Hi guys,

Hopefully Franck, you won't mind me putting this online??

Change For Life is a national initiative set up by the Fitness Industry Association.

Over the weekend of the 6th/7th March health and fitness clubs across the UK are putting on mini-dance weekenders to highlight the importance of getting active. Dance is a great way of achieving this as you all know!

My own club, energie Fitness Dundee Town (Main St, Dundee - DD37HN), will be running a mini-dance event on Sunday the 7th March from 1 to 4 pm. Its totally free of charge and will include the following!

Modern Jive with James & Melanie (45 minute class)
Jump Style with James (think Lambrini advert!! - 30 minute class)
Line Dancing with Melanie (45 minute class)
Body Jam with Jenny/Nicky (1 hour class)

As already mentioned this is purely to get people in shape and enjoy dance and has no commercial aspect to it what so ever.

If you are interested feel free to give the club a call on 01382 828188 or email me at:


Cheers Franck and the rest of the dance world!

Look forward to seeing some of you on the 7th!