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Thread: MJ Roc Warmwell Weekender WHO ARE THEY?

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    Re: MJ Roc Warmwell Weekender WHO ARE THEY?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    Well said & summed up Greg. But Andy involved, sorry NO!
    Why the capitals? Is there some reason (outside the bedroom) why I should get "NO" in capitals?

    And Colin's statement doesn't answer the question about Colin Head's involvement.

    I think I've found him here

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    Re: MJ Roc Warmwell Weekender WHO ARE THEY?

    MJRoc is a fresh new modern jive weekender organisation, run by people who care and are experienced in modern jive. The team behind it are:
    Colin Shaul
    Gazza Forge
    Jim Bourgerie
    Nicky Bourgerie

    Sorry, hadn't realised that Bluey had posted the same info.

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