This ought to be fun. There may even be a Ceroc connection or two

1. Got a clip on the ear by Ted Edgar (SHOWJUMPER), while he and Caroline Bradley were signing autographs for me.

2. Sat outside Ozzy Osbourne's study (on Hampstead Heath), while he interviewed a potential nanny for Aimee.

3. Was at school with Lord Adonis, Richard Beckinsale's cousin, Erica Roe's (the first person to streak at Twickenham and Corin Redgrave's son.

4. Sat on David Wilkie's mum's lap.

5. Served drinks in a hotel bar to Mike Gatting and Ian Botham. Though am told that 15 minutes after my shift finished and I'd left for home Viv Richards came in.

6. I don't know if this counts but I was at primary school with Naomi Watts. She was, however, 2 years below me and I don't remember meeting her. Plus I only got told 5 years ago

7. I used to buy fags, food and coffee for Eddy Davenport. He started Gatecrasher Balls and is by definition therefore one of the originators of the whole rave/dance scene

8. Between 1982 and 1984 I was at retake college with the son of Michael Apted (multi award winning director). And the son of the first President of the Seychelles.

9. My dad was engaged to Chandrika Bandaranaike, former President of Sri Lanka. Her mother was the world's first female Prime Minister

10. Played pool in Joanna Lumley's house with her son James.

11. Met Andi Peters at the 1993 Ceroc Marathon. And Jerome Flynn at the 1994 Marathon, where he actually danced briefly.

12. According to the staff at the London Eye, I am the first person to dance (Ceroc) at the top of the wheel.

13. Did a video shoot for "Hard as a Rock" with AC/DC. And appear on stage with them

14. And finally, in 1983 I spent an hour with Muhammad Ali in his hotel bedroom. He made me and my mate coffee, gave us biscuits from a big Red Rover tin and we watched telly.

Famous family relations could open up a whole new thread. But for now I think we should stick to people we have met.