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Thread: Splash Port the aftermath

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    Re: Splash Port the aftermath

    Love dance, will travel

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    Re: Splash Port the aftermath

    My thoughts...

    Event was billed as Tango (Hence 5 workshops and extra time for dancing!? probably wont be as much next time unfortunately)

    As I already do argentine Tango so it was great for me, although I would have liked to have seen some Latin as well (not keen on west coast myself!)
    As for the comments on numbers in Argentine slots - its a difficult dance to learn, the more you think you know, the more you realise that theres so much more to learn and improve on.

    I was very impressed with the teaching of the classes
    (Although one of girls I know said there were lots of guys standing on her toes in the tango classes and that one guy on hearing Ricardo say the girls should follow where ever the guy lead, offered to lead her back to his challet!), must admit Ive seen better performances (there are some great argentine tango dancers coming over from argentina these days - can see plenty on youtube ie carlos peredes, ishmael ludman, geraldine rojas, eduardo, David and Kim(london), mariano and alejandra.....)

    As far as main room goes there seemed to be more space near the stage and on the temp flooring although I didnt tend to make main room untill after tango slots when they played some nice dance music (a bit merrier by then also).

    Thought the workshops in general were not as challenging as Id have liked, for me weekenders are to challenge you beyond your normal class, I dont really expect to remember moves, thats what the dvds are for.

    Accomodation was okay for me, I dont expect to spend a lot of time there, though my main room had been fitted with laminate which is much nicer than the old carpet.

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    Re: Splash Port the aftermath

    Finally a pic of me and the wife together, result as we had about 3 dances that night together (page 6) about 4 million photos of the wife and some other bloke on page 4 !

    Best pic (880 i think on page 9. - what were they doing? )


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