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Thread: Question for Lory the Pro..

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    Re: Question for Lory the Pro..

    Quote Originally Posted by Lory View Post
    I don't think the shampoo is going to have a major effect here.. the first thing is, you don't want to 'over' condition your hair, especially if its fine and has a tendency to go fluffy.

    First of all a question, has your hair got its own natural wave/curl in it to start with, if not, your kind of flogging a dead horse

    But if is has, here's my best advice..

    After washing, wrap your hair in a towel and leave till all the excess moisture has gone, without rubbing, as this will make your hair fluffy.

    Next apply a mousse (not a mouse, as previously suggested )comb though thoroughly but now tip you head upside down and comb it that way and gently squeeze hand fulls of hair, to encourage the curl...

    Then, and this is the important bit, dry it upside down, using a hairdryer with a 'diffuser' (this allows the heat but stops the hair from being blown around..thus creating 'fluffiness') touch the hair as little as possible at this stage... (BTW this is an extremely quick way of drying your hair)

    Next and equally important, use a VERY VERY wide toothed comb (like an affro comb or wider) and just tease the hair about.

    Now your hair should be full (or fat as you call it ) and wavy but hoefully have NO fluffyness!

    I hope this helps, Good luck!
    "Fat" was Icey's precise and delightful terminology.

    I shall follow your destructions to the letter and report back.

    BTW, yes it has got a natural wave which is why blow-drying's a waste of time, especially on a damp day.

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    Re: Question for Lory the Pro..

    My hair is very dry and used to be very curly up until about 3 years ago when it decided to go straight but leave me with the porous texture of curly hair. I have to use a good quality shampoo and an intensive conditioner just to get a comb through it and then there is protein spray and serum to improve the condition. Thankfully my daughter works for Toni and Guy so I get it all half price otherwise my wages would be supplementing my hair

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