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Thread: STILL can't get video on Facebook!!!!

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    STILL can't get video on Facebook!!!!

    I've finally completed my project.....well nearly!!
    The object was to speed up my computer because my other half keeps putting videos of me and her on Facebook, and they just don't play. I've successfully upgraded to a Athelon 750Mhz processor (Which just happened to be given to me by a friend - I thought it would be faster than my Pentium II at 251Meg), I"ve reloaded Windows XP (Thanks to one of you forumites, I"ve reloaded MSOffice, so I've still got my files, I've installed a Prophet 3D DVI DDR (or DDR DVI) graphics card (I think - just cuz it looked better than the one I was using) and I thought oh yes 640Mhz RAM (2 x 256 + 1 x 128)
    SO the big switch on - yes it seems faster, it navigates the net quicker, comments type a bit faster on Facebook BUT I STILL CAN'T PLAY MY BLOODY VIDEOS.
    I now get sound, but no video! I had a similar problem on the works dinosaur and i just updated Media player and it works (in a fashion) so I did that and nothing

    I refuse to give up -by the way I don't want to spend much as it defeats the original intention.
    ANy thanks for all the help you have all given me for which I am extremely grateful - but this is the last lap now....over to you. Thanks in anticipation

    Can anybody please tell me - is it likely just to be the speed of my internet (Tesco 1.1MHz) or can I download a magic programme to let me view videos!
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    Re: STILL can't get video on Facebook!!!!

    Hopefully a proper geek will be along in a minute to help out, but meanwhile...

    I've a feeling that Facebook video uses Flash player - do you have the latest version of Flash player installed?

    This link should give you a version number (mine is 10,0,22,87, apparently)
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