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Thread: Godliness, maybe, but not health..?

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    Re: Godliness, maybe, but not health..?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yliander View Post
    have you tried to find a cleaning product/clothes soaker that isn't antibacterial!?!?!?
    Never looked for one. Would you want one due to having a skin reaction to the antibacterial agent.

    I have no idea why a clothes soaker would need an antibacterial agent. The water that you wash clothes in has enough residual chlorine in it to ensure that bacteria won't grow in it unless you put i an air conditioning cooling tower and blow air through it for a few weeks.

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    Re: Godliness, maybe, but not health..?

    Quote Originally Posted by Twirly View Post
    I suspect that you’re right. Certainly Beo believes that his anosmia is due to being born prematurely – the necessary nerve endings, etc. didn’t have time to develop.
    I was 8 weeks premature when I was born which in 1970 was quite early. I was a sickly kid for the most of my childhood and got every cold, bug, flu, virus etc that was going around. I also , as Twirly stated, never developed my sense of smell.

    However, oddly enough, because my immune system was shot to pieces and I got everything that was going (including the Hooping cough virus embedded in my stomach lining.. when led to my dangerous intolerance to milk! - since cured ) I ended up with a pretty iron constitution .. I tend to shrug colds off these days in next to no time.

    of course, being a sickly kid with no friends meant I had to amuse myself.. which usually involved me getting exposed to loads of mud, dirt and germs .. which probably helped

    Quote Originally Posted by Twirly View Post
    So maybe it’s not worms we need, but dirtier homes… oh blast, and I was going to get Beo to clean the bathroom tonight!
    Quote Originally Posted by Chef View Post
    By all means get Beo to clean the bathroom tonight. Just don't make him do it again tomorrow night, and the night after that..............
    Quote Originally Posted by Twirly View Post
    Chance would be a fine thing!
    Hey! I did the bathroom.. and the WC. Spotless. You could eat your dinn.. erm... no perhaps I'll give that one a miss , despite any benefits it may provide.

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