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Hi There xxx

I danced with you twice on Wednesday and you are doing amazingly well.

As the others have said - don't panic, it will take some time to settle into it.

Mind you - when dancing with you on wednesday it felt more like a social dance than a taxi dance (If you know what I mean)
For a dancer who has been learning for only a few weeks (which you can normally tell by their hand grip and the terror on their faces) you have good confidence and the tension in your arm is great - not a yanker or a wet fish - so just keep on enjoying it and don't get too bogged down in 'learning' the moves - look at DTS - he only dances about 8 official moves.(Note to DTS: the hair pull is NOT an official move)

See you on Wednesday!

High praise indeed from Batgirl - Take this as a serious compliment If you have Batgirl and DTS singing your praises, then you are definitely worth dancing with - If you have the time, then come up North and visit.

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Hi Frolicols,

I did and still do get brian freezes as every other person has said on here. I was once dancing and did the beginners stop and then start again, you do get out of this and like people have said do basic simple moves and ones that can take a while the basket walk around, Octopus, first move even a comb can be good for padding.

I realsied, that when I danced I used to think too much about the moves and what I was going to do next etc etc, I have managed to get a small, limited yet (I Hope) pleasant repertoire. Eventually it does become second nature and you end up switching your brain off and let the music take you away and the moves will flow.

Stop kicking yourself in the derriere, at 3 weeks I was still to scared to dance. You’re doing fine mate. Take notes from DTS and Bat girl they're good dancers.
You always have been a lovely dancer Clueless - don't worry yourself!

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I danced with a newby guy last night (it was his 5th time) anyway, about 2 minutes into the dance he cried, "help, I'm stuck, I can't get out of this move" he was doing the one where the guy loops his hand over his head, then over the follows head, then over his head, then over my head, then over his head then.............

anyway, I laughed and said, shall I get you out of it?

So, I backlead a little exit and he said WOW, can we do that a couple of times, so I know how to do it myself?

If you happened to be dancing with a more experienced follow, just fess up and ask for help.. you might even learn a couple of new moves in the process and its far better than standing there looking like a lemon!
Experienced Follows can play with the music and add style to even the most basic move. I like repeated moves as they let me think of variations that can add to the interpretation of the music.

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Thanks Dave, I really enjoyed last night!!! I feel like I know the beginner moves now technique-wise, but need to style them up a bit! Like I said, I might give it a couple more weeks and then have a go at the intermediates!!
IMO a smile is the best move you can bring to the dancefloor. Everything else is a bonus!

In fact the fewer moves well done, the better, IMHO (also the slower the better, for Blues but that is another story )

Hope to meet you soon

Cheers Whitetiger