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Thread: Ceroc Shrewsbury Black & White Ball 20.12.2008 & Maja

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    Ceroc Shrewsbury Black & White Ball 20.12.2008 & Maja

    I attended the Christmas Ball at Albrighton Hall Shrewsbury where Maja Kocanova is the franchise owner. For anybody who attended this event I am sure they will agree with me that it has to be up there with one of the best events that has every been held at a Ceroc venue. There was a gorgeous oak panelled blues room where CJ was the resident DJ with great blues and also Mariachi tracks. CJ and others also wowed the audience with a brilliant cabaret held in the main room. I cannot say anything bad about Maja though and the extent she goes to make sure that everybody has a brilliant night. The lesson was a real laugh with Maja dressed as Miss Christmas and her partner dressed as a Christmas tree. The food was superb and Maja was extremely generous in the amount that was supplied. The music and the atmosphere were absolutely brilliant and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this venue to anybody who wishes to attend either a class night or indeed any freestyle event that will be held in the future.

    Congratulations Maja! I wish you every success for anything you do in the future.

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    Cool Re: Ceroc Shrewsbury Black & White Ball 20.12.2008 & Maja

    Due to work commitments that cropped up at the last minute we were unable to make this event. Having been to a few of Maja's tea dances I can only imagine the effort and attention to detail that we missed

    So pleased that it all went well. It just goes to prove that you can find a great Ceroc night in the Midlands if you look for it properly. Kudos to Maja and her team who all work tirelessly to provide such high quality events

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    Re: Ceroc Shrewsbury Black & White Ball 20.12.2008 & Maja

    to Maja, for finding such a lovely venue, and hosting such a beautiful event!! such attention to detail!!!

    Well done to the team cabaret - such a fun routine!! and Carella & Ken for delightful tango

    the only downside for me - was sitting down to change my shoes and rest for 5 minutes and dozing off and missing the last hour

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