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Thread: My poor puppy dog!

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    Re: My poor puppy dog!

    Quote Originally Posted by Villemo View Post

    Ummm, I tried to use tabasco on the leash when Wolf was a puppy and loved to chew on leather, and he just LOVED it!
    The hotter sauce, the better... my dumb, lovable dog

    to Kendra, she's adorable!
    Yeah, but let's hope Kendra is slightly brighter than Wolf...... He probably hated the burning sensation in his mouth, but didn't see the connection between chewing on leather and his tongue being on fire!

    Sorry. Wolf is lovely. Although Troll doesn't agree. (Wolf, who???)

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    Re: My poor puppy dog!

    Only one more week to go before Kendra gets her cast taken off!

    For the last four or five days she’s been back to her regular self. Wanting play all the time. Running around like a mad thing (somehow the cast doesn’t seem to slow her down anymore…). Jumping up to say hello and then quickly jumping back down and sitting like a good girl when she remembers she isn’t supposed to do that. Razzing any chew toy she can pick up with her lampshade on, and chewing those she can’t. She’s even getting vocal again in a cute way rather than a loud one.

    She’s ready for that cast to come off. Only one more week now puppy dog and it’ll be all better!

    Unfortunately she needs to spend another week or so walking only on the lead, which will be a bit rough as there’s plenty of places around here that I’m able to let her off it and charge around. Something is better than nothing though.

    I get to walk my puppy dog again soon! I get to walk my puppy dog again soon! I get to walk my puppy dog again soon!

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    Re: My poor puppy dog!

    Great news!!!
    Lots of hugs to Kendra!

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    Re: My poor puppy dog!

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Monkey View Post
    PS - When I first read the thread title, and then the first line in your post, I thought it was going to be even worse, and that your dog had died! I'm so glad that's not the case!!!

    Me too!! I was already here with tissues at the ready, as I am feeling a little sensetive to our 4 legged friends, as one of my pussy cats is on day 2 of being really sick and although he and his brother are 16 now - we are not ready to be without them yet

    Am soo glad that Kendra is on the mend sweetie - big to you all.

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