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Thread: A New Hobby

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    Cool Re: A New Hobby

    It would seem that there are two camps emerging Mr Scaffolder. I knew that given a chance to wear orange overalls and tote a large gun I would have some takers...

    Enjoy your cake while you can. Just watch out... I am corresponding from within the hollowed out mountain right now... plotting and planning the downfall of you and those meddling kids of yours.

    In case you think that this is just an idle threat, be aware that I have grown a Ming the Merciless beard and have matching red silk evil overlord gown complete with wizard sleeves outfit on watchout on eBay! Evil CJ has been supplied with a death ray sporran to wear outside his orange overalls. Whilst Sheepman seems more than happy with his steel rimmed, Welshman seeking, bowler hat. The dark side may be very twisted and evil - but we have the best accessories

    Twirlie Bird is making sandwiches in the hollowed out mountain kitchenette ready for Armageddon wearing her 'killer' heels. Ummmm cheese and chutney

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    Re: A New Hobby

    So we are talking free beer, sheep, sandwiches and Twirly in killer heels.

    Please mister can I be in your gang?

    Note to viewing public, said in Richard Burton smooth as melted chocolate type voice,...

    Never fear my adoring public it is merely a ruse to get beer, sandwiches and see Twirly in killer heels and maybe chat with a few likeminded sheep.


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