Am I star struck???

I am interested to know if anyone else has/had the same issues as me…

Blaze II, I'd not been dancing for very long, still nervous about dancing in general but very nervous with the experienced dancers and teachers.

Blaze III, been dancing a little longer and STILL can’t dance with the profs. I managed to relax and dance quite well at Blaze then along came this chap that I had noticed dancing before, obviously a very experienced dancer, and whack…. I couldn’t spin, didn’t listen to his lead very well, couldn’t have eye contact and generally felt like a complete twit!!! After cowering off after my dance and wanting the ground to swallow me up, I lost all confidence to dance with anyone other than my usual buddies.

What is going on, I ask? This is ridiculous, I have given myself a right talking to but nothing works!! Why do I turn into a wobble board??

Someone please tell me I am not alone….