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Thread: Has anyone been to see a medium?

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    Re: Has anyone been to see a medium?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lory View Post
    What about if you fancied Kinky sex, what a turn off to think your, husband, parents or grandparents were all watching
    Well, I can't answer for everybody else but speaking personally I'm all agog!!!!!

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    Re: Has anyone been to see a medium?

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry Shnikov View Post
    That's the bloke. Now selling packets of miracle water, any size to suit your pocket, comes from a top secret location where it acquires miraculous properties.

    Its most notable achievement is separating gullible fools from their money...
    And his most notable achievement is doing so even after being publicly exposed as a fraud by James Randi in the 1980s and having to declare bankruptcy as a result. It seems some people have short memories - or maybe they're just even more gullible than I give them credit for.

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    Re: Has anyone been to see a medium?

    Quote Originally Posted by rubyred View Post
    I am glad I went for the experience but its not for me.
    IMHO - Opinions and preconceptions are deadly. Did you have an experience or did you subscribe to your peers and secondary emotions?

    Having an open mind is the main thing, being able to be non judgemental and trust what you're shown within your mindset is upmost. Something I doubt you will find within the path of intrigue you have chosen sadly. Perhaps take a lighter less intrusive path within a glimpse, smile and pleasure of thought. This I think will show you what you need to be able to understand and comprehend the challenges and priorities you wish to attain and sustain within your capabilities. This differential is learned behaviour which as adults we choose either not to see, disregard or forget.

    What works for one doesn't always work for another. If you have become aware of something that would in a short or long term bring you comfort, warmth or security it does no harm to give it a fair hearing or trial.

    For Example if your car doesn't start on the first go, do you get a bus, or do you try it again?

    Just questions for you lovely, bear them in mind and feel free to PM me.

    I hope you find resolution and the answers you're looking for.

    WB xxx

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