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As a current professional web programmer
You win!

Text layout is generally poor - the front page News box is a classic example - first you have the title 'Headlines', followed, in exactly the same font / colour / size, a bunch of headlines that mean little, and that you can't click on for more info. Pointless
Good point. I hadn't looked at the news in detail And I agree, I would've expected to have been able to click on those headlines.
Initial impressions - the whole front page means nothing at all to me - I look at it, and if I didn't know what MoJive was, I'd be none the wiser from this page.
But that means it's not too cluttered - plus the "New to Mojive" & "Classes" buttons take you to more information - and that's what I'd want to click if I wanted to know more.
Menu - click on any of the navigation items that have a popup - and there's no way to dismiss the popup without clicking on a link.
I couldn't find a popup (but I've probably got them disabled, so I don't notice). Oh.. hang on - that gallery one! Aha. Yup - might be nicer not to have to click on it.

I could go on... but I'd be hijacking Gus' thread even more (sorry Gus)
Gus'll love it.

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My biggest problem with it – I can't use the "back" button.

I guess it's using some "Web 2.0" to load content into the same single page, but it means you can't go back and forward, because it is all (well, mostly) one page – and for no good reason that I can see.
That's my bugbear. I can cope with the colours, non-links, fonts (although now that Stray's pointed it out, that bold is annoying me), and videos that start without warning! But if I can't navigate... what's the point?

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having looked at the developing companies own website - they do a lot of "style over substance" sites
Style over substance? Sounds like my average MJ night...