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I'm not going to give a 'supposed to' or otherwise on this one. I'll just say that I don't if I can help it - straightened leading arms are an evil that I try my level best to avoid at all times. A straight arm has neither the strength nor the control of a bent one.
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Right. So guys shorter than you will often need to use a straight arm during a turn, while guys who are your height or taller will not. It also depends on the distance between you and your leader. It's all about the geometry of the situation. Pythagoras and all that.
I've been off dancing for 3 weeks, but when I get back, I will observe carefully from the sidelines how the experienced leads hold their arms.
I agree. The aim point is just above the follower's head. Guys of all heights can get that wrong, in either direction. I know I do.
If it's just the once, due to wrong height assessments, I'm not bothered.

I gather you're complaining about a specific individual.
No. Quite a few spring to mind. Say about 2%, but them I avoid them, so it may be more.

One change a follower can make in this situation is to have a more robust frame during assisted turns, such that if the leader is pushing her hand towards her head, she matches that force.
Yes, this is possible with beginners. With beginners, they grow out of it too and become proficient.

That's not always possible, and may not be with this guy. I don't know if you'll find that preferable to bending your knees and/or spinning off center.
These specific guys have been dancing for years and they will not give an inch. I have to reduce my frame otherwise may get a serious injury.

I would much, much, much prefer to sit out.

Occasionally I might check up on one every 6 months, but they are still the same.