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Oh yeah...that old chestnut. Absolutely hilarious and us followers just love it when you try and catch us out.

There are so many things that make a rubbish dance, but these are the ones that really make my blood boil.

1. Stinkers - How difficult is it to remember the golden rules...shower, deodorant and clean clothes.

2. No eye contract - Oh yes...that makes me feel really special. I'm not Medusa for crying out loud.

3. No rhythm - Sometimes it feels like your partner has an MP3 player with earphones on, playing a completely different track...and as has already been said, it's not just the beginners.

4. Me, Myself and I - The leads who think the dance is all about them. I find that to be the case with teachers more than any other dancer.
Although I'm not to harsh on the "no eye contact" cos I understand that some people are shyer than others. What I'm not into is when they won't even look in your direction when they dance with you - worse being when they're distracted looking for someone for the next song to dance with! grrr.
Also not into being lead with a heavy hand - particularly being pushed and pulled through a song.