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Thread: Should we mix or not ?

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    Should we mix or not ?

    In the 'old' day (original Hipsters etc) we had a mix of Lindy & MJ dancers in one hall, together with a mix of music.

    It also worked well in some of the weekenders

    Now dancers are interested in WCS & Tango as well as Lindy (and some Salsa)

    I went to a dance on Friday which mixed swing & MJ and it was fab (mind you it was Lindy and not WCS)

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    Re: Should we mix or not ?

    If you like the music typical for more than one style of dance, you'll probably like mixing them. If you don't, you probably won't.

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    Re: Should we mix or not ?

    My view is, um, it depends.

    If the question is "Should people (as individuals) dance whatever form they want", then I'd say yes, absolutely. Dance to the music, and to your ability. If a WCS-able track comes on, and your partner is happy to do WCS, then why now? Similiarly for cha-cha, nuevo tango, and so on.

    If the question is "Should there be an official mix?" - that is, a room designated as "Swing / MJ" or whatever - then I'd say no, definitely not. Simply because these rooms, in my experience, tend not to work - too much faffing around deciding whether you're a swinger or a jiver, etc.

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