I feel as if I need to.

I had a smashing time on Saturday at Stockport then again at Grappenhall on sunday () and danced pretty much on top form (except when I tripped a mate up) but yesterday I may as well have not turned up.

I couldn't lead a thing yet I was dancing with people I've danced with for AGES. I couldn't even get the basics right, smacking myself over the back of the head on every octopus or comb. I couldn't double spin for toffee. In fact barely spin at all and was just all round rubbish. I felt I had to apologise before every dance for what I was (or wasn't) about to do.

But it got me thinking. I have felt like that before on a night. Sometimes it last one night, sometimes it can last a week or two. It doesn't usually happen very often but it happened two weeks ago then again last night. A bit too frequent from the norm.

I also getting to the stage where I'm getting a bit bored of my own moves. That can't be good. I tried to counter this by using the moves I know which I rarely use more than normal but this never worked one little bit.

So I'm thinking that I either need to seriously cut down (from 7 nights ) to say 2-3 or just totally give up for a few months then come back to it.

Has anyone else felt like this and what did you do? Would you ever quit MJ?