Interesting Spins
1. Normal Illusion spin
• Handshake Hold
• Neck Break Position, holding both hands
• Single Illusion Spin
• Finish Opened Out
• Wrap In To Neck Break
• Double Illusion Spin
• 2-handed Comb Finish

2. Reverse Illusion Spin
• Return & Change Hands
• Sway, holding both hands
• ½ turn out
• Single Reverse Illusion Spin
• Double Sugar Comb (man first, then the lady)

3. Continuous neck wrap (with a practice wrap first)
• Handshake Hold
• 1½ turns into neckwrap
• Step Back
• Step Forward
• ½ turn out
• Traveling Return
• 1½ turns into neckwrap
• Swap hands with ½ turn
• 1½ turns into neckwrap
• Single comb over both heads to finish

4. Man’s ronde
• First move start
• Inside turn for the lady
• Slow pivoting ronde turn for the man
• Kyle’s Cool Spin to finish

5. Yoyo into Debbie’s one foot spin
• Yoyo start
• U lead with left hand blocking the lady
• Multiple slow spins – need to control the balance

6. Alternating hand spins
• Opportunist move – doesn’t always work
• Return start
• Pick up other hand as early as you can
• Keep the turn smooth
• Finish by wrapping into a basket

How to use the hand

Height – the hand should be just a few inches above the lady’s head. You do not want to make the lady extend her arm as this adversely affects the balance. And you don’t want to get too close, or even worse hit, the lady’s head.
It is not always the man’s fault. Some ladies have a tendency to push their arm up, which should be avoided. Some ladies also bring their own arm down very quickly after the turn, pulling the man’s arm down on top of her head.

The hand should be above the lady’s nose, not above the crown of her head. She should be able to see her own hand.

The arm should have the same tone as in a normal connection. The lady should ensure that the elbow is not sticking out

On Ramp / Draw a halo/ Off Ramp

You are each responsible for your own balance, unless the man takes responsibility for the lady’s balance. This does not happen in turns – the lady should be balancing herself. But the man must follow her balance, and not pull her off.

Direction & Rotation
Lead direction before rotation. If you want her to travel while turning, lead the travel first. If you want her to do a stationary spin, lead her to stay in place first.
You should maintain a connection throughout a turn