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Thread: Queen video

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    Queen video

    Is it me, or is the craven and excessive reaction to this becoming rather alarming?

    TV and other media have been putting the most newsworthy spin on events, even to the extent of exaggerating stories and so forth, for quite a while now. But one involving the Queen results in embargoes being imposed by both the BBC and ITV.

    I'm bewildered. But then the forelock tugging attitude towards the nobilitair has always struck me as being ridiculous. People deserve respect because of what they do, how they behave, not because of a trivial accident of birth.

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    Re: Queen video

    In some ways its sad. As you say, "spin" is rife and news often borders on downright lies. I also dont understand the deference that remains for the Royal Family; but the sad thing is not the foreluck tugging toward the silver spoon brigade ....its that there is no deference toward anyone or anything else - unless its paying. So I think the fuss is a good thing - perhaps a little bit of honesty will return to society. ...cough

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