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Thread: Why register?

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    Why register?

    Why do you need to be registered for the 'Intermediate / Advanced Corner' but nothing else?

    I've got no problem with it - I was just wondering if there was a reason behind it.


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    Hi David,

    When I launched the forum, I wanted to make it as accessible as possible so that many people joined in and contributed. As a result, most forums (fora?) were available to browse to everyone.
    I also wanted to maintain a high level of quality in the posts, so while not moderating every post, you had to register and identify yourself to post.
    This provides a barrier to entry which I regret (but feel is necessary to maintain civility!).
    The idea behind the Intermediate Forum, was to discuss more technical / advanced topics, and I thought this would be a good forum to restrict access to, mostly as an incentive for people to register so they can read the 100+ posts that are there. Once you have registered, you are much more likely to click on the reply button on the spur of the moment if you feel you have anything to contribute.

    I am not sure if the above makes any sense, but it sums up how my thinking went.


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