I'm so glad of this because I normally just burn my money, it's so nice to be able to pay for things more than once

according to this
"The BBC's plans to allow punters to download its TV and radio programmes have been heavily criticised by communications watchdog Ofcom which reckons they could damage commercial rivals".
Logical ? Are the commercial rivals selling the same thing then ? er..no. Should we, in this digital age, have access to something we pay for through our TV licence? hmm, Yes!

then there is this...

Other worries raised by the civil servants are that "series stacking" - storing and watching entire series - will also discourage investment in rival services and hit rentals and sales of DVDs.
Wow. "Series Stacking" allows you to watch an entire series, wow - this new technology to allow you to watch something later is nothing like a VHS video recorder or a HD Recorder or a Media PC ...hmm its the convenience thing isn't it. Its slightly more convenient, and convenient is BAD! Normal people expecting the digital age to make things easier and cheaper. you fools

The statement says: "The ability to store programmes for up to 13 weeks could have negative effects on competition and therefore investment in consumer choice. Ofcom believes this storage window should be reduced or removed."
So if you havent taped something you wanted to watch, tough, you can pay for it. again Expect TIVOs , DVD recorders and the like to explode in a limited time in the future, so they don't "have negative effects" on someones profits. We'll all be forced to go back to VHS at this rate.

Talk about embracing technology eh ?