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Thread: Dance videos threads / section

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    Dance videos threads / section

    Given that people regularly post twice (or more) the same video thinking they're the first one to do so, I was wondering if it would be possible to re-organise all that and possibly create a new section on the forum for videos.

    We could then in that section have one thread per style, WCS, tango, Ballroom, SCD, MJ, lindy, non partner, fun dancing etc.

    This would really help to, first, watch only the videos you're interested in, and then to find them easily if you want to watch them again. And obviously reduce double (or more ) posting of the same clips.

    Although I know nothing about how to actually do that (create a section), I'm assuming that shoudn't be too difficult to do?

    So.... what do people think? Am I the only one for a bit of order in the video mess ?

    PS: for info current threads containing videos include
    Youtube dance videos
    West Coast Swing
    SCD thread
    Learning tango
    and probably many others...

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    Re: Dance videos threads / section

    Good idea! It would make life easier.

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