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Thread: The CerocComicRelief project

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    The CerocComicRelief project

    Sometimes, you have a great idea under the shower. For me tonight, this was just as I found a new move, and after reading this thread . I just love it!

    - Every year, the Ceroc Scotland forum hosts a competition where non-teachers post a routine of 4 moves (demo + teaching) -with preferably original moves they have created- on the site via a hosted video site (eg: YouTube)
    - A poll system is used and people vote for the best routines
    - The winning routines are filmed by their creators in a studio and compiled on a DVD
    - The DVD is sold in the Ceroc catalogue and profits after production costs are deduced go to Comic Relief

    Details on how it works and how everyone wins:

    Contributors win because:
    - They can initially film at home, easily, on low quality with amateur video, prett much for free
    - They win a free Ceroc weekender if their video is selected, during which they will film their routine and explanation
    - They have their move registered and classified (they should even be allowed to name it!) in the official list of Ceroc moves
    - They become a little part of MJ history without having to dedicate their life to it

    The Ceroc franchise wins because:
    - They get new moves that make sense, look good and are not just the fruit of some teachers' week-end get-together malarkey
    - They can easily film the DVD in parallel to the recording of the week-ender
    - Tehy increase their visibility as a global brand by getting closer to the BBC
    - They have a repeatable yearly format
    - Thay will gain a lot of visibility / marketing for a relatively small budget and a few freebies. No doubt they would get a spot on the Comic Relief night. And then a judge stool on Strictly

    Modern Jive wins because:
    - The knowledge sharing raises, so the standard raises
    - The visibility of the style rises

    I'm happy for Ceroc to pick it up. If they don't want it, it can easily be done as non-branded MJ and some of us could get together and do it. I've been working on a move called the Scooby-Snack, this is the way to make it world famous!

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    Re: The CerocComicRelief project

    Moves? I thought that folk had moved away from teaching moves and now teach concepts and ideas that will help your dancing - not just perform moves.

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    Re: The CerocComicRelief project

    Quote Originally Posted by Flat_Eric View Post
    I've been working on a move called the Scooby-Snack, this is the way to make it world famous!

    Did you try that one out on me last Friday?

    Anyhow, it's a nice idea, although i'm afraid I have nothing to offer, as I wouldn't even know how to teach a first move!

    It'd be good to see other forumites having a go though
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    Re: The CerocComicRelief project

    I have managed to merge some moves together wich I dont know if it looks good or not, but I am guessing the am not the first person to do this

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