Ceroc Scotland Forum FAQ

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What is the Ceroc Scotland Forum?

The Forum is a discussion area where people who dance Modern Jive (Ceroc, Leroc, etc.) can discuss the dance we love, other dances, and just about every other topic you can imagine.

It has been compared to a ‘local pub’ where several tables of topics are discussed and people move freely between each of them, joining in here & there, or just listening in to the conversation. It has the same welcoming ethics (netiquette), and anyone deliberately spilling pints or causing trouble can be ejected from the premises by our publican, Franck.

You will find regulars propping up the bar and moderating barmaids trying to keep order. The music choice on the jukebox is fantastic, but there will always be people complain about over-played tracks and the questionable taste of the record buying public.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what you post) there is a record of everything said in here; every topic of conversation discussed, every question asked, every response given, every view point expressed, every piece of advice dispensed and every idea proposed. It’s all in the archives to read, re-read and perhaps resurrect again. You can spend days looking over past topics.

One warning to everyone new here: this forum can be as addictive as the dance that spawned it.

Do I have to be Scottish or dance in Scotland to contribute?

The forum happens to be "CerocScotland" because Franck (the owner of the main Ceroc franchise in Scotland) started it. It's here for the community of dancers to join in and share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Some of it is even related to dance! There are "forumites" from all across the globe who meet here to discuss and debate.

Please pull up a keyboard and join us.

Who contributes to the forum?

This forum is populated by thousands of people who all share the same passion: Dancing. Specifically dancing Ceroc or Modern Jive.

Since it's our passion, there are quite a high proportion of teachers, taxi-dancers, organisers, competitors and such like. But everyone started with struggling to dance, move and listen to the music all at the same time. Your opinion is just as valid as theirs and you have just as much a right to express it.

To find out about specific members, either click on the member's name, or click on them in the Member's list link.

You will also find a few "Introduction" topics (for example, "By Way of Introduction" and "The Road to Ceroc") where people have posted more background to themselves, their likes and dislikes, etc. Some of it makes for ... interesting... reading.

Who are Silver Members?

Basic membership is free, but you can choose to pay a small annual fee to upgrade to Silver membership - this fee goes towards the cost of running the forum, web hosting fees and so on. Silver Members' names appear in Bold.

Silver membership have a number of additional benefits, and can:

  • View what everyone is up to on the "Who's online" page
  • Be invisible on the Forum
  • Filter new posts to avoid certain areas (e.g. Fun & Games, Chit Chat, Geek corner, etc...) when searching new posts
  • Send attachments in Private Messages
  • Access the "Chat room"
  • Choose a custom avatar
  • Have a Signature
  • Store up to 4,000 Private messages

Who runs the Forum?

The forum is owned and administered by Franck. In the "bar discussion" analogy, Franck is the publican. Franck can do anything :)

There are a number of helpers, who generally try to ensure things don't get too rowdy - these are the moderators. Moderators can do a lot of functions such as deleting posts, moving threads, and so on.

Think of moderators as the friendly barmaids - admittedly it's a stretch to think of some of them that way, but hopefully you get the impression.

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