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Handbags and trains

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What is it about women with big handbags, with hard, sharp edges on the underground? :confused:

They either:
a) tuck it under their arm before they sit down, completely oblivious that it sticks out up to a foot past them and is going to dig into the person next to them as they sit down :angry:, and/or
b) Swing it over their shoulder as the get up, knocking your phone/coffee/newspaper out of your hands, or nearly hitting you in the face! :angry:

The worst thing is, that even though they must have felt something, they make no attempt to check or apologise. It's like they're thinking "I'm a woman, women have handbags, therefore it's up to you to get out of the way". :banghead:

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  1. Double Trouble's Avatar
    Oh deary, deary me!

    What about blokes with massive rucksacks who do all the things you've just described, but they do it while also holding a phone, coffee and a newspaper too!

    They then sit down with their legs wide open taking up the leg room of about three people!!

    The woman next to me this morning was clipping her finger nails!! You know how they ping all over the place and the ones that did land on her lap she batted away with the back of her hand in all directions. Honestly, I wanted to take her fekkin' nail clippers and stab her in the head with them...dirty mare!!

    Everyone on the tube is rude and inconsiderate apart from me and you Gav. xxxx
  2. Gav's Avatar
    I know, b******s! the lot of 'em!